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Wild Beauty

Sauvelle Vodka

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A smooth and luxuriant craft vodka, Sauvelle is the drink of choice for the free-spirited, the well-travelled, the bon vivant. A blend of 'wild' and 'beautiful' in French, Sauvelle is named in honour of both its origins in the heart of the Cognac countryside and the people for whom it was created.

Sauvelle owes its delectably rich, elegant taste to a unique distillation process, starting with the finest French wheat and the celebrated crystal-clear spring waters of Gensac. The vodka is then unchill-filtered and oak-smoothed using chĂȘne du Limousin, creating Sauvelle's indulgent signature notes of vanilla, caramel and cherry blossom.

Born of the wild, Sauvelle is dedicated to sustainability. At the heart of the brand's ethos is a commitment to responsibly and ethically showcasing the best of contemporary craft spirit production in France.